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“Start Learning How to Read Music Within the Next Five Minutes…”

From the desk of Richard Jones

March 9, 2015

Imagine Being Able to Play Flawlessly ANY Piece of Music Set In Front of You, the FIRST Time You See It

Can you imagine the confidence that would bring? Just think of the feeling that you’d have knowing that anywhere, anytime you could play any song from any genre. The onlookers would obviously think you’re some sort of musical genius.

Your friends and family will treat you like a rock star, and everyone will be wondering what your secret is.

Of course YOU will know the secret, but it’s up to you if you share it: You can sight read music like a pro, so it doesn’t take you hours and hours of practice to master a song.You sound like an expert almost immediately upon seeing a new piece.

Not only that, but when you can read music, you’ll no longer tied to those same old songs you’ve been playing for so long, because now learning new music takes just minutes instead of days or weeks, so you’ll never again be bored musically. (Aren’t you sick of the same tunes over and over again?)

It’s almost like reading music opens up a new world and a new level of music that you’ve always known was there but just couldn’t seem to reach…

Because right now, you know you’re limited. If someone sets a piece of music in front of you that you’ve never heard, it’s going to be a LONG time before there’s any quality sound.

Slowly, you may try to bang through, thinking “Every Good Boy Does Fine” to yourself, wishing all the while that you’d spent more time learning to read music. And, of course, if it didn’t take so darn long to learn, you’d already have sight reading mastered by now…

 Even if you’ve never been in that position, we both know that not knowing how to read music is a huge limitation. It’s frustrating. Maybe even embarrassing. For example…

“Start Learning How to Read Music Within the Next Five Minutes…”


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